Pain in the feet is not normal and it is usually the result of an abnormal relationship or misalignment of the bones in the foot at inappropriate times during the gait cycle (patho-mechanics). Patho-mechanics can result in bunions, hammertoes, heel pain, corns, calluses, or just tired aching feet. If your shoes wear out abnormally in the inside heel or outside heel, this is another good indication that patho-mechanics is occurring.

Orthotics realigns the bony abnormalities and restores normal function. An added benefit is reduction of pain and slowing the progression of structural deformities. Orthotics is a custom-made biomechanical device fabricated from a plaster cast of your foot. Structural deficiencies and damaging compensatory habits can be modified with the use of properly fitted orthotics.

Orthotics is molded right at our facilities and takes less than 30 minutes to have them fitted. There are many styles of orthotics, which may be customized for sports dress shoes or diabetic foot wear. The goal of an orthotic treatment regimen is to keep the patient active while balancing the foot in order to stabilize your gait cycle.